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Nonetheless, if you have to have it, you have to have it.

There are many illustrations that helpfully demonstrate the rules.

WASHINGTON (NNS) -- The Navy's fraternization policy has been updated, clarifying what relationships are appropriate for Sailors, because today's current operational tempo and individual augmentee assignments have made it commonplace for Sailors to serve side by side with the U. Army and Air Force, and with our multinational partners in operations throughout the world.

Typically, personal relationships among officers or among enlisted members are not prohibited.

Hunter pointed out that when the 360-foot Grey Shark Motor Vessel caught fire off of New York Harbor in 2015 and burned for four days.

“The salvors didn’t put the fire out in the ocean, they brought it all the way back as it burned and then the New York Fire department put it out at the dock like they put out a house fire,” said Chairman Hunter.

Examples of unduly familiar relationships include dating, sharing an apartment or house, engaging in intimate behavior, gambling, and borrowing money.

These types of relationships are prohibited because they undermine the respect for authority that is essential to the Navy's ability to accomplish its mission.

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"The updates specifically dictate that the Navy fraternization policy prohibiting certain types of relationships is applicable to relationships with members of other U. armed services and with members of foreign military services," said Lt. Kim Dixon, spokesperson for the Navy's chief of personnel's diversity directorate which issued the change.

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