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The ferry ride to Centre is 10-15 minutes from the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal. The first thing you'll notice as you get off the ferry is the ugly concrete building - just walk past that and you'll be fine.

There are lockers on the left and an information booth where you can pick up a map of the islands.

Many cherry trees can be found around the Togetsukyo Bridge at the foot of Arashiyama mountains, especially in the riverside Nakanoshima Park.

Generally, the milder the climate, the earlier the blossoms open.

Furthermore, the blooming time of cherry trees differs from year to year depending on the weather.

If the weather during the months and weeks preceding the cherry blossom season is mild, blossoms will open early. From year to year, the start of the blooming season typically varies by plus/minus one week, but larger deviations are also possible. Full bloom (mankai) is usually reached within about one week after the opening of the first blossoms (kaika).

Many people who visit Centre Island go there to cook something on the barbie, have a family picnic on the island, have fun at Centreville Park, visit the petting zoo, go the beach or just walk around and enjoy some quiet time away from the city.

You can grab a pizza by the ferry docks or by the pier - both are Pizza Pizza outlets - or you can eat at one of many other restaurants, and snack bars, some of them licensed. Centre Island is also home to the Island Public and Natural Science school that goes up to grade six.

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