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Use this information and the CV builder to create a CV.

The job description shows you what the employer is looking for.

In terms of length, it should never be more than two sides of A4 (the briefer the better).

Here, in running order, are the main sections you should consider including: Name, address, email, phone, website URLs (blogs, Linked In, personal site etc.).

Many candidates attempt to order their CVs so that the role that is most relevant to the job they are applying for appears on top but this is confusing and annoying, according to Quora posters. ” If you are currently working in a field that is unrelated to the profession you want to pursue, don’t try to hide it.

“I'm generally trying to figure out what this person's current status is and why they might even be interested in a new role,” says one. Explain why you made the move and what skills you are leaning in your current job that could be useful in your new position.

If you’re building a personal brand to market to employers, ensuring your CV is constantly updated is vital.

So whether it’s altering the appearance of your CV to make it more distinct, ensuring there is a consistent brand message woven through the document or defining a memorable brand statement, your CV is a core component of your personal branding campaign and requires constant maintenance.

Your CV needs to be clearly focussed and formatted for scanning, placing the most recent and important information at the top and using sections with headings to break up the text.Getting into the habit of regularly reviewing and updating your CV will help ensure you are primed and ready for action – because you never know when opportunities will knock.By updating your CV every month – even if it’s simply making a few minor tweaks or adding a new skill - you will be able to: Have your CV primed and ready? (1996), 'Respondents to contingent valuation surveys: consumers or citizens ? (1998), 'A state-contingent production approach to principal-agent problems with an application to point-source pollution control', Journal of Public Economics 70, 441-72..

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