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Full Article 15 March 2017 By Andrew Froehlich Analytics can provide additional insight into application changes that can better alert the IT operations side of the house to whether a change will negatively impact production users or not.

Full Article 7 February 2017 The ITOA Landscape’s 2017 ITOA Predictions list provides insightful and bold predictions on how IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) will emerge and impact organizations in 2017.

It is important that IT departments have tools to visualize their IT infrastructure and understand the experience from the end-user perspective.

Full Article 31 AUGUST 2016 By Omer Trajman In this age of complex systems and automation, IT operations' ability to see everything that is happening -- and be in a position to affect change quickly -- will be the defining characteristic of companies successfully achieving digital transformation.

Full Article 12 DECEMBER 2016 By Jay Patani Embarking on a journey of ITOA transformation is not easy.

But investing in the right analytics infrastructure has large payoffs by ensuring that a bank can keep the light on 24/7, maintain a healthy reputation among its customers, and prevent the regulators knocking on the door.

As you might know we proved to have welcomed the fans from 65 countries from all around the world at our latest 19th edition of OEF at Battlefield, Trutnov. But we think that number of nationalities at Obscene Extreme Festival 2017 was much higher.They will for sure not forget new friends and all the adventures from Obscene Extreme for long!Of course that you can bring your tents and be non-stop in Festival area.Full Article 9 Sept 2015 By Patrick Hubbard Ideally, ITOA will need to become a component of network and systems management solutions as businesses will demand comprehensive solutions with mature analytics abilities truly tailored to the needs of IT.Full Article 6 SEPTEMBER 2016 By Poul Nielsen Banks are not more vulnerable to e-threats than other industry sectors; however, they have much to lose if they are victims of an attack.

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