Updating steam platdorm

Appolagies if this is a duplicate of something, I did search and didn't find anything.

I'm not very sure about that, it must be the current version though.

Scroll wheel Mode on Joystick now ignores the joystick returning to the center position when doing horizontal/vertical scrolling.

This allows for bindings to be cycled through scroll wheel on left/right or up/down taps.

Added "Set Cursor Position" binding controller action.

HTTP) The steam client doesn't provide file size or time indications and I find this irritating when I launch a game and have to update.

Alongside the newly-integrated features for controller support, the new update also adds support for select third-party PS4 Dual Shock 4 controllers, third-party fight sticks and other controller options, while also adding general fixes, Big Picture mode tweaks, and a variety of updates for Linux support.

Steam’s latest Client Update is now available, and full patch notes can be found below: Ryan is the Features Editor at Dual Shockers, with over five years' experience in the world of video games culture and writing.

In the patch notes for Steam’s latest client update, the patch includes some major features such as universal controller support across the platform for a majority of games available on Steam.

Specifically, the patch notes address that universal configuration support has been added for Xbox 360, Xbox One, and generic X-input controllers across the platform to allow “all recognizes controller types to use the advanced mapping features of the Steam Controller Configuration,” and allow users to map keyboard and mouse controls to gamepads and controllers, even if they don’t normally support the option in-game.

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UPDATED 2016-08-02: This update was re-released for Windows users with a change to improve compatibility with Windows 10.

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