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Dear Blues Match, I'm replying to the email not because I'm unhappy about the message in any way, but because I think I should get you to take my message off the site as I'm getting married soon to someone I met through your good offices.

Hi there, The reason for cancelling my membership is that I am now in a very promising relationship with a man I met on Blues Match!

While Nigeria is most often the nation referred to in these scams, they originate in other nations as well.

An Italian architect has designed a series of rotating skyscrapers for cities including London, Paris, Dubai and Moscow.

Each floor is made of apartments that spin around a concrete centre once every 90 minutes Towers are planned for Moscow, pictured, as well as London, Dubai, Paris, Milan and New York.

Thanks to Bluesmatch and after a period of less than 3 months I seem to have met my perfect partner.

I am now in a brilliant relationship beyond any of my expectations I have never ever felt so happy and alive in my life and she feels exactly the same.

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I will not be renewing my membership because the second person I met up with through BM has proved to be my perfect match. Thank you for working way above the level of my expectations!

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