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An app called Fire Chat has a “nearby” chat room that allows you to send messages to anyone within 30 meters of you (see “The Latest Chat App for i Phone Needs No Internet Connection”).Mesh Me lets you talk with anyone, as long as a message can reach them via other Mesh Me users.

The Fire Chat app allows users to stay connected off the grid. More recently, the Serval Project was developed Mesh networks are almost invulnerable.Text messaging is quickly becoming the country’s preferred way of communicating, with a 98% open rate and an average 90 second response time.Using Hello Vote, the entire registration process takes under one minute – a key factor when nearly 20% of respondents tell Pew that registration takes too much time.An i Phone Mesh Me app was released last month, and an Android version is expected to be ready in several months, Mesh Me CEO Jory Schwach says.Mesh Me uses what’s known as mesh networking: it treats each smartphone running the app as a router, passing data from one handset to the next to get messages to recipients via the most efficient pathway.

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