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For the past decade, banks have typically charged interest rates on debt consolidation loans of around 7% - 12%.

Finance companies tend to charge anywhere from 14% for secured loans to over 30% for unsecured loans.

I always use the comparison tool at Money hk to compare and buy different types of credit cards because they list out all the latest offers for each one.

It saves me the hassle of having to visit every bank.

Your first step is to decide whether you want a secured or unsecured loan.

A secured loan occurs when a valuable asset, such as a house or a car, serves as collateral in case you, the debtor, stop making payments (known as default).

Going through a bank is often the best way to get a consolidation loan [source: Wilmington Trust].

In contrast, an unsecured loan merely uses the debtor's credit to back the loan.

There is also a chance that obtaining a debt consolidation loan will hurt your credit.

Depending upon the scoring used, your income and the details of your credit history, obtaining a new line of credit and paying off existing loans may result in your being classified as a greater credit risk than if you were instead to continue to carry a number of smaller loans.

We also discuss the types of debt consolidation companies and organizations that offer these various options.

If this is too much information for you, just skip to the end where we tell you who you can sit down with to discuss these options and get some free advice.

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