Engineering feat dating from 1959

(1969)Barry Harris - Tokyo 1976 (1976)Barry Harris - Vicissitudes (1972)Barry Harris Trio With Al Cohn - Barry Harris Trio With Al Cohn (1976)Bassface Swing Trio - Straight Live (2005)Beegie Adair - Into Somethin' (2011)Beegie Adair - Plays The Songs of Richard Rodgers (2003)Beegie Adair Trio - The Real Thing (Live) (2012)Bellson, Brown, Smith - Intensive Care (1978)Ben Aronov - Falling Grace (2008)Ben Aronov - The Best Thing For Me (1997)Ben Paterson Trio - Breathing Space (2007)Ben Paterson Trio - Essential Elements (2013)Ben Webster & The Oscar Peterson Trio - Live In Hannover (1972)Ben Webster - Live In Paris 1972 (1972)Ben Webster, Johnny Hodges - The Complete 1960 Sextet Jazz Cellar Session (1960)Bengt Hallberg - Bengt Hallbergs a la Carte (1965)Bengt Hallberg - Bengt Hallberg At Gyllene Cirkeln (1962)Bengt Hallberg - Collaboration (1965)Bengt Hallberg, Kjell Baekkelund - Contrasts (1968) Bengt Hallberg - Dinah (1957)Bengt Hallberg - Improvisation (1989)Bengt Hallberg - Hallberg's Surprise (1987)Bengt Hallberg, Red Mitchell - Live at Cervantes (1973)Bengt Hallberg - Live At Jazzens Museum (2011)Bengt Hallberg Trio - Opus One (1954)Bengt Hallberg - Piano (1965)Bengt Hallberg - Stardust In My Heart (1999)Bengt Hallberg - The early 50's (1951 - 1953)Bengt Hallberg Trio - The Tap-Dancing Butterfly (1992)Benny Bailey - I Remember Love (2003)Benny Bailey Quartet - I Thought About You (1996)Benny Bailey & Philharmonic Würzburg - On The Corner (1996)Benny Goodman - Benny Goodman Swings Again (1960)Benny Goodman - The Yale University Archives, Volume 1 & 2 (1955-1986)Benny Goodman - The Yale University Archives, Volume 3 Big Band Band in Europe (1958)Benny Goodman - The Yale University Archives, Volume 4: Big Band Recordings (1957-1964)Benny Goodman - The Yale University Archives, Volume 6 Live at Rainbow Grill (1966 - 1967)Benny Goodman - The Yale University Archives, Volume 7 Florida Sessions (1959)Benny Goodman - The Yale University Archives, Volume 8 (1957-1961)Benny Goodman - Yale Archives, Vol.An inept gang of bank robbers, led by George The Brain, are caught and sentenced to 15 years hard labour each.In the past three decades, dating has become more of a process that can last for years before marriage is even considered.As generations change, so does the idea of dating and how one finds a companion.When they are released from prison they start out to collect the money they ...

2 (2010)Alessandro Lanzoni - I Should Care (2006)Allan Vaché - Look to the Sky (2010)Allan Vaché - Summit Meeting (1995)American Jazz Orchestra - Ellington Masterpieces (1988)American Jazz Orchestra - The Music Of Jimmie Lunceford (1992)Andy Martin and Scott Whitfield - A Tribute To Carl Fontana (2007)Andy Martin - Setting the Standard (2008)Andre Previn - A Touch Of Elegance (1962)Andre Previn - Andre Previn Plays Fats Waller (1957)Andre Previn - Andre Previn Plays Songs by Jerome Kern (1959)Andre Previn - Ballads (1996)Andre Previn - Hallelujah!(1946-1950)Andre Previn - Hollywood At Midnight (1956)Andre Previn - Give My Regards To Broadway (1960)Andre Previn - Like Blue (1959)Andy Brown - Trio and Solo (2007)Andy Martin & Metropole Orchestra - Andy Martin & Metropole Orchestra (1997)Andy Martin Quartet - Live at Capozzoli's (2001)Andy Martin & Vic Lewis - The Project (2004)Antonio Ciacca Trio - With a Song in My Heart (2014)Anthony Wilson - Adult Themes (1999)Anthony Wilson - Goat Hill Junket (1998)Antti Sarpila Swing band - 10th Anniversary (1992)Antti Sarpila Swing Band - 15th Anniversary (1997)Antti Sarpila Swing Band - 20th Anniversary (2002)Antti Sarpila Swing Band - 30th Anniversary (2012)Antti Sarpila Swing Band - Featuring The Swinging Accordion Of Seppo Hovi (2005)Antti Sarpila - Let's Swing (2005)Antti Sarpila - Celebrating The 100th Anniversary Of Benny Goodman (2009)Antti Sarpila - Stealin' Apples (1989)Antti Sarpila, Frank Roberscheuten, Engelbert Wrobel -The Three Tenors Of Swing (2006)Antti Sarpila - Good Night, Travel Well (2005)Antti Sarpila & Severi Pyysalo - New Moods - New Sounds (2002)Antti Sarpila Swing Band - Swinging Christmas (2003)Antti Sarpila Swing Band - Swingin' the Classics (2008)Antti Sarpila - We'd Like York..June!(2008)Antti Sarpila Quintet - A Hundred Years From Today (2009)Arne Domnérus, Jimmy Rowles - Arne Domnérus with Jimmy Rowles (1979)Arne Domnérus - Får Jag Lov... (1994)Arne Domnérus & Putte Wickman - Happy Together!When the first modern newspaper was invented, people bought personal ads to discreetly connect and communicate with one another in hopes of finding love or sex.But, when the Internet was conceived, it connected us all, thus personal ads went digital and the Internet dating service was born.

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