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Specifically excluded from the list of published resources are: novels and poetry; items written in languages other than English; brochures, study guides, and tracts; articles in periodicals; chapters of books; books exclusively addressing the spiritual dimensions of the AIDS epidemic or the experience of living with AIDS; doctrinal statements and position papers about gays and lesbians adopted by religious institutions; and blatantly homophobic treatments of the subject.

Some of the books listed were produced by publishers affiliated with religious institutions, and many of the titles listed were not written by lesbians or gay men.

Consult also the updated lists: 1950-20-2010, and 2011-present. (The second in a series of "musical documentaries," a unique program format that weaves together narrative, visuals, and music to tell the stories of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people and deals with relevant social issues.

This selective book list indicates the large number and wide range of published viewpoints available to lesbians and gay men interested in exploring their lives as spiritual journeys. This DVD explores the experiences GLBT people have had with organized religion and the ways that communities of faith have dealt with the issues confronting the GLBT community.) Director: John Scagliotti.

Unity respects a wide range of spiritual thoughts and beliefs, as reflected in the diverse range of subjects presented on Unity Online Radio.

, Alain Danielou links the spiritual hearts of the Indian God Shiva with the Greek God Dionysus.“Since its remotest origins, Shivaism has been inseparable from Yoga,” writes Danielou.He also claims that Shivaism as a sacred, yogic culture stretched over a vast area—from India way into Greek and Celtic Europe.They are already having it very difficult to stay a virgin with all the hormones they are feeling so the last thing they need is their parents down their throat about sex, what they need is a friend they can talk to and share their experiences and feelings with without feeling guilty or you being upset with them, or you lecturing them about sex and relationship stuff.Since 1998, 40 students have graduated from the Women's Spirituality doctoral program, producing dissertations that serve to define the academic field of Women's Spirituality.

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