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Welcome to the official website of the International Association of R. We invite you to see what we are all about and explore the many reasons for becoming a member. Our recent seminars have included presentations that covered factory history in Tillowitz, Poland; "Marks and Mysteries", Rare and Unusual items ("show and tell" meetings), and information on insuring collectibles.

Do you have a passion for the delicate, translucent, beautifully decorated porcelain of yesteryear as our members do? Prussia porcelain, view our gallery, read the history and purpose of our club and learn about our conventions where we gather to buy, sell, and attend educational seminars each year.

RS Prussia appears in several marks used on porcelain before 1917.In actual fact, there were two factories in Suhl, Erdmann's and Reinhold's.Contrary to folklore, these two operations were in direct competition with each other.Because fakes and replicas or reproductions abound, it is extremely important to be knowledgeable of the Prussia marks, molds, and transfers in determining authenticity. There are many different molds in the Prussia world.Mary Frank Gaston’s four book series identify many of the Prussia molds by number. Many of the older style Prussia molds have been identified in Leland and Carol Marple’s books.

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Reinhold's factory was founded and initially owned by Reinhold, and subsequently with his two sons, Ehrhard and Arnold.

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