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Some guys want to recover from the failed relationship and have fun before they enter into another long-term relationship. The reasons why you want to date many women can be divided into good and bad ones.

If you want to have a diverse dating experience because you need it to become more confident with women, that’s a good reason.

— I find myself having to assure my girlfriends that I do not need to be medicated while simultaneously pressing ice cubes to their foreheads.

In today's society, it's acceptable to have one-night stands, same-sex relationships, affairs (debatable), arranged marriages, and 40-year age gaps, but if we want to commit ourselves to more than one person?

Is it just because polyamory isn't understood well enough?

Is it uncomfortable to think about sharing your life with someone who is also sharing their life with someone else?

Dating several girls at once has been generally frowned upon.

However, these days, it’s a usual thing to date multiple people within a month or even a week.

" I exclaimed for the third time."But he's your boyfriend and he's on a date with another girl..." Her sentence trailed off as if her brain was still attempting to catch up with her mouth."It's not cheating if I told him to go.

If you are strongly sensing something is off about a man, you should go with that feeling.

On the other hand, sometimes women are way off-base with how they perceive men.

Remember that dating several girls is OK until you stay a gentleman.

In order to be a moral man, keep in mind the following rules.

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