Anne hathaway dating josh lucas

) while Peter Gallagher and his legendary eyebrows were sleeping.

(Don’t feel too bad for Peter, he grew up to be Sandy Cohen and lived large in “The O. he might have been able to course correct just in time.

Yesterday was the big-ticket night, and we started ours at the Creative Coalition's dinner and cocktail hour, held at the Donovan House.

Connie Britton was full of compliments, exclaiming that Kim Raver looked gorgeous and gushing that Rachel Leigh Cook, who was decked out in a pink cupcake-looking gown, was a "princess." Alan Cumming, whose black patent leather sneakers were the smartest shoe choice of the evening, headed to the bar with stylist Philip Bloch, who rocked a plaid jacket.

So, before the acting community toasts to its finest individuals, allow us to do just the opposite.

You may have seen some of the (very minimal) advertising. Yes, it also features a giant, kaiju-esque monster destroying Seoul, South Korea.It ends with a satisfying, cathartic conclusion that will leave you pondering its themes—catch our full review right here if you want to avoid spoilers.But more than anything, the thing I find myself ruminating on is just how profoundly unlikable every character is in this film.The Coalition's ball later in the evening featured the mother lode of celebs, including Diddy, Sting, Ron Howard, Elvis Costello, Anne Hathaway (escorted by her dad), and __Tobey Maguire. Brandon Routh, Rosanna Arquette, Christina Hendricks and Cher dropped in, as did Shakira, who then headed off to perform at another ball. Unfortunately, Rihanna's performance was cut short—very short, like only-three-songs-total short—due to "power problems" outside the club, but that didn't stop the revelers, who, like the rest of the masses in Washington, D. The city had started celebrating over the weekend, though, and on Sunday, I attended what had to have been the most comfortable ball of all: the Obama Pajama Party.Maguire also made it across town to the RIAA and Feeding America ball at Club Ibiza, along with pregnant wife__Jennifer Meyer. Ball-goers in black-tie mingled with partiers in P.

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  1. Asked about particular groups to which they do not belong, Millennials are about equally accepting of marriage to someone in any of the groups tested: Roughly nine-in-ten say they would be fine with a family member’s marriage to an African American (88%), a Hispanic American (91%), an Asian American (93%) or a white American (92%).

  2. A German who was caught by authorities for allegedly sharing intelligence secrets on radical Islamic websites was a former gay porn actor, the Washington Post reported on Wednesday.