Criminals of online dating

There are dating apps for Trump supporters, Pokémon Go fans, coworkers, and even for people who would rather talk on the phone.

The latest dating app trying to break into the saturated market is for those who would rather not date a criminal.

“We are taking these issues head on by continuing to build out our security algorithms and adding more and more risk databases to create the safest platform available.” This is not the first time the Gatsby Group scans people’s backgrounds.

Members are offered two plans for the dating service -- a .99-a-month plan that includes unlimited searches and e-mails, and a .95-a-month-plan which also includes access to a chat room and instant messaging capability.And they do offer their members something extra: a false sense of security. Kind of like telling bank customers, "If you notice armed robbers in the bank, feel free to tackle them while yelling, 'citizen's arrest!First, as one of the sites with "extensive background checks" admits: "Some people do manage to slip through the cracks. '" Of course safety is a primary concern, but ponder this: Your friends don't background-check their party guests.—Wondering There's that very attractive man you see on a dating site who spends "a lot of time abroad," as one must when primarily employed as a drug mule.These dating sites that do criminal background checks probably seem like a wise choice.

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