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This is a crucial international perspective, which we feel has been ignored.

The people of the world are being told that today's Jews? Yet, how many of those same people have ever been taught that For example: The Jewish Encyclopedia (1905); The Standard Jewish Encyclopedia (1966); Nathan M.

In fact, the majority of people living in Sub-Saharan West Africa are descendents of the Israelites. We believe that the time has come for decent people to insist on justice, truthfulness, responsibility and accountability from their scholars, media, priests, politicians and pastors.

Centuries later, the merchants of slavery captured and sold some of their descendents of the African Jews to America as slaves. The historical, cultural and scientific evidence, even from Jewish Israeli sources, is overwhelming.

And one lost an arm when a partner Afghan patrolman attacked the American team as a suicide bomber...

Because of our deep concern for the future of humanity, we would like to share with you this urgent message.

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"The rise in interracial marriage indicates that race relations have improved over the past quarter century," said Daniel Lichter, a sociology professor at Cornell University.

"Mixed-race children have blurred America's color line.

Mujeres Latinas en Accion joins the Chicago Says No More Campaign to combat domestic violence and sexual assault in the Chicago Metro Area.

Join us and sign your name to put an end to violence against women.

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